Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello everyone! If it isn't obvious already you're probably discovering that I am new to posting challenges. One of my DT members, Jacki, gave me some suggestions and on that note I am making an adjustment to the challenge that I posted yesterday. Please take a look below in blue. My goal with these challenges is to encourage a lot of participation and fun. I am a designer/illustrator and I love encouraging people to be creative. So I hope you start joining in on the fun, I have lots of prizes that I look forward to giving away! :) Here is the adjustment...

*ADJUSTMENT: Feel free to use any of our graphics that have an architectural element for this craft (so this includes all of our buildings, desks and other graphics with architecture). You may use color or digital stamp versions. 

Below are just some of our buildings, not including the digital stamp versions - so be sure to peruse Broken Box Stock.

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