Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shop "Broken Box Bangles"

Checkout the latest branch of Broken Box Designs... "Broken Box Bangles!" - Handmade beaded bracelets with unique, eclectic, colorful, creative and sometimes edgy themes. The "I Love You" bracelet (pictured above) can be for anyone...
while this "Naturally Pretty" bangle is for women that are just naturally pretty inside and out without a ton of makeup, primping, etc.
... then for all of the "Tom Boys" out there - you'll love this tough and bold bangle with attitude...
... there is even a bangle just for blondes! Our "Blondes Are More Fun" bangle is a must-have for all ladies with golden locks (other hair colors coming soon)...
And, if you want to be fashionably patriotic any day of the year - checkout our "I Am Free" bangle.

None of our bangles are EVER the same! They're all handmade and feature hand illustrated beads as well as a wide variety of other materials such as: glass, wood, metals, ceramics, plastic, lace, fabric and pearls.

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