Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Toodles Winter Princess

A Winter Princess skates across the ice with a beautiful blue snowflake garland, doesn't she look nice? Princess wears light blue skirt and frilly shirt, with white ice skates, blue hair with ear muffs and a snowflake tiara. A must have graphic for the winter season! File format: 1 print/web jpg. Click here to purchase her.

Usage Tip! Create a cute little card simply by printing this graphic out on a standard card size, adding a little whimsical border with your crayons or markers ;) and writing a special message for whoever is on your mind!

Another Usage Tip! Create "Thank You" notes to all those who gave you gifts this Holiday season. For $5 you can make at home and cover everyone on your list! (Note: the card pictured below is just a usage tip, the layout does not come with purchase of this graphic).

Click here to purchase her.

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