Saturday, August 09, 2008

Doodle Girl Set 1 (girls 1-15)

$20.00 (15 girls, 1 print/web file per girl)
Buying the set saves you $10.00!
Set contains doodle girls 1-15, a great variety to have!


Michelle Marie said...

I love your art! I wanted to let you know that this reads like it is $20 per girl, rather than $20 for the whole set. I figured it out when I saw the older posts where it states $2 per girl.

Wendy Sefcik said...

Oops!! I'll change it! Yeah, it is $20 for the whole set. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your art and I am trying to purchase these doodle girls but the add to cart is just taking me to paypal and when I log in it doesn't say who I should pay or anything. Also this is the only way I have found to contact you as there is no mention of your email address on your blog.

Wendy Sefcik said...

Hi Sarah,
The paypal page that you are being linked to is the correct way to pay... the system knows that you are paying Broken Box Designs (at the top it says "Broken Box Designs"). Please email me at: with further questions.