Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New! "My Craft Desk" Digital Stamp

This cute hand-drawn craft desk is no-doubt very similar to yours! With your laptop open, printer alongside, ipod grooving to your favorite tunes, your favorite coffee, an open scrapbook with embellishments and papers, envelopes, cards and other cardmaking supplies... paper punchers in different shapes, rubber stamps and stamp pads... neatly organized pencils and pens, scissors... spools of ribbon and an "I love crafts" sign hanging on your wall. Shelves to file away your favorite papers and supplies with cubbies for books, a picture frame and a pretty vase of flowers. This makes adorable "from the desk of" notecards and stationery! Click the above image to buy!

1 comment:

Kelley said...

If only my desk looked like this! I have piles of paper here, paper pads stacked there, some ink pads, foam pads, distress stain, stickles and you get the idea! This image is an inspiration to what my desk could look like!