Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toodle Sketches - Finished graphics coming soon!

These Toodles are coming soon... they are just rough sketches for now, just need to find time to finish them. This one is "Songbird Toodle" - her birdies sing to her...
This is "Easter Toodle", she's been in the sketch-stage for quite awhile, poor thing. ;)
I drew this Toodle on 9/11... she is holding an American flag (that still needs the stars added), with a little bunch of roses in hand and a hairdo inspired by the Statue of Liberty.

I am also working on a Toodle-Calendar, several of these will be included. I hope to have that finished by the holidays. All of these Toodles will be added to Broken Box Stock when finished.

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